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Mystery of the Blue Whale, The (VHS) Email This Page
Filmmaker: Alain Belhumeur
VHS - $ 95.00
Price includes Public Performance License.
The Blue Whale is the largest creature that has ever lived on the planet. It grows up to 100 feet and weighs upwards of 140 tons at maturity. Over the centuries, it has fired the imagination and become a legendary beast, the Leviathan. Despite its colossal side, the blue whale remains elusive. It is rare and nomadic, spending 90% of its life underwater, surfacing only briefly to breathe, then diving back into its own mysterious world.

The film tracks the efforts of dedicated researchers equipped with new scientific techniques, who are significantly increasing our knowledge about the behavior of these largest of whales. Filmed in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada, Mexico's Sea of Cortez, and off the coast of Iceland, the film allows viewers to share in a great scientific adventure, while witnessing unique images of this mesmerizing marine mammal.

Part of the Discover Nature Series
Includes titles: The Cry of the Beluga and The Mystery of the Blue Whale.

Running time: 52 min, Year released: 2000
Close captioned?: Y, Color?: Y
Avail. formats: VHS
ISBN: 1-55974-624-6
Language: English, Subtitled?: N
For classroom?: Y, Study Guide?: N
Grade level: 7th and up

Other Credits:

Director: Alain Behumeur
Producer: Richard Elson
Scientists: Richar Sears, Jeff Goodyear, Chris Clark, Diane Gendron, Per Palsboll, Gisli, Vikingsson
Produced by Imageries P.B. Ltd. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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